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Access Control Systems

Stadium Control Systems

Access control systems in stadia, turnstile card readers and associated systems must be fully integrated with the ticket production systems. Independent of the turnstile manufacturer and supplier, we integrate readers and control systems, which do the following: -
  • Read and validate every season ticket card, match day ticket or cards for police and stewards
  • Release (or lock) the turnstile, faster than can be done manually allowing the customer entrance
  • Pass the card details to all other turnstiles so that if it is a single access card, it can only be used once
  • Record the date, time, and turnstile the entrance was made via and pass this to a real-time display of stadium crowd flow

The entire access control system is designed to be fail safe so that failure disables only a single turnstile.

Building and Car Park Access Control

The same ticket or smartcard used for stadium access can be used for access to offices, with different cards or tickets allowing access to different areas. All access allowed may be: -

  • Once only, or multiple accesses
  • Restricted by time of day
  • Different for each group of users

For car park access, we will integrate the system with car park barriers for entry and exit.

Access Control Software

The software allows complete freedom of set-up. It includes the provision of links to fire and safety systems and remote management and control.



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