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point of sale system

Sports and Leisure Retail Systems

Point of Sale Software

Points of sale at Middlesbrough Football ClubData Factors software has two Point of Sale packages. For use in
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Retail shops

Both systems are designed especially for leisure venues and clubs, where customer profile information is an essential part of the business. Key features include

  • Ease of use
  • Speed of service

CRM Database Building and Loyalty

Dundee UnitedYour most valuable business asset is the CRM database, built automatically. Your customers get loyalty points for using their cards or membership number. The same database is used for all other
Data Factors systems. This means all your data is in a single location.

Price Control

Prices can be varied automatically, to adjust to time of day or to special peak and off-peak or 'happy hour' rates. They can also be varied to suit the day of the week, particular customer groups or special promotions.

On-account Purchases

All tills can charge transactions to client's accounts, with full on-line audit trails of all money owed and paid. Credit limits are maintained on-line and checked before each transaction is completed.

Cashless Purchases

Data Factors software is designed to speed sales, lower fraud and optimise selling opportunities. Using this system, you will do exactly that. You will also build an invaluable CRM database of customer profiles.

Stock Management

The retail software includes complete stock management, allowing full control of all retail merchandise. Stock levels at every location, can be viewed online at all times.

Mail Order

The mail order suite uses the same stock file, database and loyalty information. The system improves your customer service and allows future targeting on a very selective basis.

Retail and Mail Order Services

If you do not have the resources to produce management information, picking lists and delivery notes, we will do that for you.

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point of sale software

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