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Background to The Company

Data Factors is a new company, with the assets of businesses dating back over many years. These include a national reputation for the provision of innovative software and services, and thorough, dependable, after sales support. They also include some unique skills and extensive knowledge about the industry in which we work.

Inspirations in Ticketing

Data Factors has created a unique and integrated range of ticketing solutions. These are designed to use ticketing as the primary tool for

  • reserving, paying for and receiving tickets
  • building a customer database
  • utilising input form every point of customer contact, including call centres, the Internet, box office transactions and season ticket and membership systems.

Usually, the company provides, operates, and maintains the entire central IT infrastructure for its customers. Most importantly, ticketing systems need to offer complete reliability and integrity of data and our commitment to you, is that they will.

The company has recently won a prestigious technology innovation award for its view-from-seat™ technology allowing the customer to see the view from a chosen seat before deciding on which seat to purchase.

Inspirations in Computer Telephony Integration

Data Factors provided Tottenham Hotspur Football Club with a way to increase the efficiency of ticket sales at their call centre, eliminating repetitive non-sales calls. The solution was a Data Factors hosted service  handling a high volume of inbound calls with managed outbound queuing and connectivity to the call centre for ticket sale processing. The capabilities included: -

  • Greetings message for handling calls out-of-hours

  • Messages to be played to callers while on hold or when selecting ‘static’ information such as future fixture details

  • The ability to quickly and easily, from any phone, change the messages

  • The ability to connect multiple callers simultaneously to the call centre

Data Factors provided total management of the project, a flexible, scaleable solution that is being expanded to handle increased levels of traffic and a system that is currently processing in excess of 15,000 call minutes per day.

Inspirations in Sport and Leisure

David Sheepshanks, at that time Chairman of the English Football League, once described his clubs rapid move from loss into profit as 'largely due to investment in IT'. We're obviously delighted they benefited from our work.

Over nearly 10 years, working closely with football and rugby clubs at all levels we have developed and constantly enhance the core services we provide. The services provide to our clients include: -

  • Operator based box office, call centre, and Internet ticketing

  • A telephone call centre remote from the ground, yet on-line using thin client technology on real-time systems for telephone ticket sales

  • In-house match day and season ticket sales and ticketing management

  • Integrated customer loyalty management

  • Retail electronic points of sale, with multiple locations all using real-time stock and merchandise management

  • Mail order sales, including picking and dispatch management

  • On-line multiple warehouse control      

Data Factors is dedicated to making best and practical use of technology at every opportunity, including pushing the boundaries of ticketing to use mobile, video and other media.


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