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Data Factors Box Office Software Updates

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We have a policy of constant product improvement. This means we listen to the feedback from customers and users at all levels. Improvements can be as little as changing the layout of a screen to make it more readable, or it can be major new functions. These are all shown below.

Click on the date associated with any release note below to view the document. If you know the subject you are looking for, use the search.

14th May 2002 The number of categories available for season tickets, has been increased to 16. The category used last season can be automatically changed as part of the upgrade
8th April 2002 Useful advice on creation of a new season ready for sale. Advice on preparation for processing season tickets offers and how to set-up Autopay for sale during the season ticket sales process
11th Mar 2002 The Data Factors Internet interface now works live. Sales on the Internet and the at the box office are done simultaneously, without ticket or inventory "allocation"
26th Feb 2002 Tills now accept mixed payment methods and full auditable gift voucher tracking. Seating has easier control of price groups and price changes in an event.
22nd Jan 2002 Improvements have been made to till operator security, for further fraud prevention. You can now limit any till operation to particular operators and improvements in the printed X reads
18th Jan 2002 When using Auto-pay in Ticketing, charges that cannot be processed automatically, can now be exported for mail-merge purposes simplifying contact with the affected customers
18th Dec 2001 Tills now include an extensive "bar tabs" feature. Multiple operators are now allowed on a till and transactions can be carried from one till to another or suspended for later completion (lay-away)
12th Dec 2001 The Ticketing module now allows loyalty points to be accumulated based on the value of spend. Multipliers may now be used to increase the points accumulated for particular customer types
3rd Dec 2001 Where Ticketing is used for courses, names of those booked can now be copied from event to event. Improvements in credit card security & additional ticket print text on partially refunded tickets
12th Nov 2001 The ballot final phases are completed, allowing automated ticket allocation and prompted ticket processing and seat allocation
10th Oct 2001 Postcode or ZIP can now be the primary means of finding a database entry. Seat and row information can be verified quickly for consistent presentation
15th Aug 2001 This release allows quick season ticket moves, using a cut and paste operation, which automatically moves the seats allocated on future games and leaves and audit trail
12th Jul 2001 Ticketing blocks can now be set up as "non-stadium" blocks improving the management of sales of coach spaces for away travel, car park spaces and other limited items
7th July 2001 The ISO country code list is now used throughout mail order, with simple searching. Some minor seating and till enhancements also added
4th Jul 2001 Some extra functionality has been added to the credit card security routines to assist with auditing and fraud investigations
30th May 2001 Minor improvements in credit card processing when sales are carried out at a call centre, especially selling season ticket offers
20th May 2001 Mail order now allows you to print some returns documentation to be included with delivery notes, for simplify returns made under the new Distance Selling Regulations
8th May 2001 When using deferred payments for season ticket sales, some improved auditing of has been introduced
18th May 2001 This release deals with deferred payment for season ticket sales. This allows early processing of season ticket purchases, with the customer's card automatically charged at a later date 
11th May 2001 Improved database and seating exports, reducing the possibility of "losing" exported files
8th May 2001 Sales of non-stocked products and services during season ticket deferred payment sale
1st May 2001 Improved partial refunds in ticketing, and easier entry of counted stock during stock taking
29th Apr 2001 Enhancements in call centre sales and improved validation of entered data
27th Apr 2001 Cashiers can now be set-up as able to use tills only or tills and mail order
26th Apr 2001 Introduction of "deferred payment" for season ticket sales, allowing the renewal of season tickets early, with the customer charged at a later date 
30th Mar 2001 Introduction of discontinued products in stock, with better searches and options for superceding products
5th Feb 2001 Improvements made in the areas of seating set-up and event pricing, to reduce the possibility of operator error
16th Jan 2001 New online credit card suite, with Internet access to detailed audit trails, multiple channels to banks and backup servers 
9th Jan 2001 Major upgrade with infra-structure changes, operational enhancements and standardisation across all modules

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