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Smartcard and Loyalty Systems

Multi-purpose Smartcard

A Data Factors smartcard fulfills many function, with each of these shown below. With a Data Factors system, only one card is needed for all these applications. smartcard, smart card, Smartcard

Membership Smartcard

The use of a card for membership systems is essential to ensure customers are identified at every point of sale. This way the customer can get marketing and communications specific to their needs and purchase history, while you get the benefit of added profit.

Loyalty Smartcard

Use the smartcard as a loyalty card. It is the same card, which can also be a membership card, allowing the customer to accumulate benefits or get discounts when purchasing. This encourages higher spending per head, greater customer loyalty and further improves your data base of buying habits and trends.

Access Control Smartcard

If you want to control access to a stadium or parts of your venue, we will design, implement and manage your systems. These will use magnetic stripe, chip based or proximity cards, depending on your requirements. As we are a solutions provider, we will supply the systems you need and we are not tied to any manufacturer.



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