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These Pages Are Part of This Website

They are here because they form part of the contemporary history of South Africa, much of which has never been documented. I have made no attempt to catalogue them or rate their importance. They are simply taken from the records found after Rusty's death.

Political and personal pictures
Rusty puts the record straight on Ahmed Kathrada
Rusty gets mad on review of "Death is Part of the Process"
Joe Slovo obituary read at the South African Embassy in London
Review of "Armed and Dangerous"; by Ronnie Kasrils
Obituary for Adie Israel
Review of Memory Against Forgetting, Alan Lipman
Review of Memory Against Forgetting, Barbara Trapido
Review of Memory Against Forgetting and interview, Philippa Boston original version here
Obituary by Pat, his older son

These Pages Are All on Remote Sites

Most of these pages refer to events that took place before he died.

Rivonia reunion
Rivonia, Telling It Like It Was - Article by Rusty Bernstein
The Men Who May Hang, March 1st 1964 - Anthony Sampson
The Last Meeting at Liliesleaf Farm - City of Joburg
The History of Liliesleaf Farm
More History about Liliesleaf Farm and Liliesleaf Today
The Walter Sisulu Square Design - 26th June 2002
"Meeting The Leaders" - Hilda Bernstein, 1990
Not Your Average Springboks - South African Sunday Times, 1998
The Freedom Charter
The Rhodes Centenary celebration pictures
Mandela's Rivonia Speech - Recording recovered February 2001
Rivonia's Children on Amazon
Rhodes House centenary
Jewish Bulletin News
The African Communist
ZA @ Play - Memory Against Forgetting
Jews Risked Lives in Anti-Apartheid Fight
Letter from the President, Thabo Mbeki

More Obituaries

Nelson Mandela mourns comrade
Rusty Bernstein, death announcement
Obituary - The Scotsman
The South African Sunday Times obituary
Contemporary Africa Database - Rusty profile
Celebrity obituaries website
702 Talk Radio, SA

Book Reviews

Book review - The Rivonia Story by Joel Joffe
Book review - Rivonia's Children by Glenn Frankel, more
Book review - Kids and Communists in SA by Jessica Powers
Book review - The World That Was Ours by Hilda Bernstein, more
Book review - For Their Triumphs and For Their tears by Hilda Bernstein
Book review - Memory Against Forgetting by Rusty Bernstein

Other Links

These links relate to international issues that I believe both Hilda and Rusty despite their Jewish backgrounds, would have felt strongly about.

International Solidarity Movement for Palestine


The Rest of the Bernstein Family

Toni Bernstein - film released, more, and another

Keith Bernstein - Rusty's second son

Frances Bernstein - the youngest daughter, www.harmony.org, www.freerangechoir.org.uk

Pat Bernstein - the webmaster